Preparing and Standing Together


March 4, 2021

Preparing and Standing Together

As we approach the Derek Chauvin trial, the Twin Cities’ braces for conflict. We at Twin Cities Pride want to assure the community that we stand with our BIPOC communities and understand that this will be a stressful time for many within our LGBTQ+ family. We want to make sure that there are resources available to everyone whether you are protesting, staying home, or in any other situations you may be facing in the weeks to come. We aim for Twin Cities Pride to exist as a supportive and safe community space, especially during such trying times.

As an organization, we understand it is our responsibility to hold city leadership accountable, and we stand with our community in seeking justice for the violent and discriminatory killing of George Floyd. The core values of Twin Cities Pride are Transparency, Inclusion, Education, and Respect, and we expect our city to uphold these values as well.

We ask those within our community who may not feel directly impacted or understand why a Pride organization would take such a strong stance on issues relating to policing to consider that the LGBTQ+ movement began because of discrimination, over-policing, and community members being constant targets of violent crimes. These crimes and offenses continue to this day, especially to BIPOC and transgender members of our community. 

If you have ever felt mistreated or afraid for your safety because of your sexual orientation or gender identity, you can hopefully empathize with how the BIPOC community feels in these situations and come to understand that until all members of our community are safe, no one is. 

Please be supportive, understanding, and unafraid to reach out for help whenever you need.

Thank you,

Board of Directors, Twin Cities Pride


We will be holding an ongoing donation drive to support our BIPOC community and protestors throughout the trial – see our Facebook page for details.

Stay tuned for more resources and information.

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