Pride Awards


While we will not be holding our parade in-person this year, Twin Cities Pride would like to nonetheless recognize a member of our community as Grand Marshal. Reserved for those who make considerable contributions at the local, national, or international level, our 2020 honor goes to all individuals performing essential roles in their community during this moment in time. 

We give thanks to those who work or volunteer in health care, first response, food and agriculture, energy, water and sanitation, transportation and logistics, public works, manufacturing, communication and information technology, government, financial services, hazardous material and sanitation, defense, chemical management, child care, education, and so many other services that keep us supported and safe during this unprecedented moment.

We cannot thank you enough for everything you do and we’re thrilled to recognize all of you. Using hashtag #TCPride2020, take a moment to share your story, a photo, or recognize someone in essential services who is making a difference for their community.

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