Deaf @ Twin Cities Pride, 2018

Deaf @ Twin Cities Pride, 2018

Deaf, DeafBlind, Hard of Hearing Community Liaison and Interpreter Coordinator

Hello, Welcome to Twin Cities Pride 2018.

Hello! Welcome to Twin Cities Pride. My name is Jessalyn Akerman-Frank. My sign name is middle finger and thumbs, (8) in circular movements. I have been a volunteer for TC Pride for over 10 years.

I love it! My name is Joy Hahn. This is my first year volunteering with Twin Cities Pride. I am working with Jessalyn to coordinate the ASL interpreters.

Lucky me! We have some news to share about Twin Cities Pride. We talked with Community members about the different stages and ASL Interpreters. We learned that ASL Interpreters at every stage is not needed. We will have ASL Interpreters at Loring and Stonewall stage. If you want to attend other stages (P2P or Rainbow), and you want to see a specific show. That is fine. Make an ASL request.

This year on Saturday and Sunday, we will cover two stages. Loring Stage and Stonewall Stage. In addition, there will be many booths that have hired their own ASL Interpreters. If there is a booth you would like to visit or learn from, and there is no ASL Interpreter, contact us.

On Saturday, ASL Interpreters are scheduled for both stages (Loring/Stonewall)

On Sunday morning, there will be a parade and ASL Interpreters will be scheduled at the main stage. The interpreters will take care of interpreting the announcer’s comments and the parade line-up. There will be interpreters there all morning. Then interpreters will be scheduled from 12-6 (Loring/Stonewall).

An amazing addition this year is that we will be a participant in the parade! Deaf, DeafBlind, Hard of Hearing, Allies and supporters will have the opportunity to march with us.

If you are interested, JOIN US. It is going to be so fun. Right? Yes, for sure. We are still looking for a few more ASL Interpreters. We need about 4 more. We need people who are willing to do music. If you are willing, contact us. We are looking for Deaf performers or Interpreters who may be interested and want to do stage work. If you are interested, contact us. Thank you!

Our contact information and email will be listed on the last slide. We will both be working all day Saturday and Sunday. You can reach us any time. You will see us there. Thank you for watching. We are excited and looking forward to seeing all of you at the Wonderful event hosted by Twin Cities Pride. Thank you, Joy for joining our team.

Thank you.


Jessalyn Akerman-Frank and Joy Hahn email:

  • Emeri Burks
    Posted at 10:15h, 25 June Reply

    You did an awesome job at Pride over the weekend. It’s such a statement of commitment to have a full time staff committed to helping hearing impaired rainbow families really feel the music.

    I saw someone there yesterday and I’ve been trying hard to find the band’s name (unsuccessfully). Do you know the band singing the song “Just the two of us” (“Better where you are”)? They deserve some love too.

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