Event volunteer opportunities are available in many areas. We strive to find something that will be both a fun and fulfilling experience for each volunteer. We ask that volunteers give us at least a four-hour block of time (more if you are able).

If you are interested in volunteering for our advanced safety team, please contact Rebecca Lewis at rebecca.lewis@tcpride.org.

This team will work to help make our festival and parade a safe and fun event for everyone. We are looking for individuals who have a background working in a safety capacity, have training in first aid/CPR, or have worked with us in previous years in a similar capacity. If you’re not sure feel free to check in with Rebecca. We have need for volunteers in many areas, so we’ll find a spot that fits you best.


If you have a special interest or skill, or you are interested in volunteering in a larger capacity please contact Rebecca Lewis atrebecca.lewis@tcpride.org


We love to work with groups and teams of any type. If you are interested in volunteering with a group of 4 or more please contact Rebecca Lewis at rebecca.lewis@tcpride.org We will work to help your group find an excellent spot to volunteer as a team.

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