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2022 Stage Lineup

Loring Stage

SaturdayMC – Gosh Alice Jones
10amShabbat Service, presented by J-Pride
11amJaedyn James
12pmDj Darkslider
1pmAll God’s Children Metropolitan Community Church Band
 2pm – MC – Betty Bang
2pmThe Forget Me Not Follies
3pmThe Von Tramps
4pmRebel Queens
5pmNunn Above
SundayMC – Gosh Alice Jones
9amAll God’s Children Metropolitan Community Church Service
11amA Curation of Black Queer Art – Ruck B Media
1pmGlad Rags
2pmTori Evans
3pmSawyer’s Dream
4pmRoxxy Hall Band
5pmTina & the B Sides

Rainbow Stage

SaturdayMC – Delon Smith
9amGlow Up Morning Yoga + Dance
11amChance Reiniesch
12pmSchool of Rock
1pmSuzy Plays Guitar
2pmBarb Ryman
3pmTrivia Mafia 
4pmThe Big FAT Comedy Hour
11amTwin Cities Pride Voices Of the Era’s Poetry
12pmBeyond The Trees
3pmPrairie Fire Lady Choir
4pmTwin Cities Pride Design Of The Era’s
5pmTwin Cities Pride Design Of The Era’s

Stonewall Stage

SaturdayMC – Allota Shots
10amDrag Kids
11amMichelle Raven
12pmThe Imperial Court of Minnesota
1pmQueer Circus
2pmDragged Out
3pmBJ Armani’s Cabaret
4pmBi-Lesque in the Park
5pmShout Out Loud Drag Show
SundayMC – Allota Shots
12pmLadies of the Lakes
1pmTranscendence Cabaret
2pmPOWER: Drag Revue
4pmLush Presents the Mirage Marquis
5pmHeartless Hellions Cabaret

Power 2 The People Stage

10am Two Spirit opening
12pmFuture Lisa
1pmIsacc Jordan
2pmBE Cole Graske
3pmDJ Larry Peace
3:30pmShimmer’s Sync your Lips Winner Shar
4pmDJ Darkslider
5pmMixie DaBoss
10am Opening Blessing
11:30amFashion Design winners by Quinn 
1pmJaz Steel 
1:30pmKool Breed 
2pmUNL Drum and Dance 
3pmSoul Train Star Tamechi Toney-Briggs
4pmRARE Haus 
5pmMixie DaBoss- Bigg Kiaa 

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