Rainbow Circle

Pride isn’t just the last weekend in June, or even just the month of June.  

Pride is 365 days a year. 

 The Rainbow Circle is the new community programming division of Twin Cities Pride. Our goal is to partner with local LGBTQ+ people and organizations to provide funding for programming, a place for community to gather, and year-round education and community service programs. 

 Community Education Opportunities 

Through our partnerships with people and local organizations, we will provide the space and funding for community education and connection.  

 Everyone Can 

Our youth-focused program, Everyone Can, provides LGBTQ+ youth the ability to participate in athletics, performing arts, and other extra-curricular activities as their true selves.  


By identifying programs and organizations accepting of LGBTQ+ youth participation.  

Providing connections and scholarships for those who cannot afford it.  

Working to ensure that LGBTQ+ Twin Cities youth have access to a wide range of activities, from sports leagues, tournaments, to summer camps, and recreational activities.  

Ensuring that LQBTQ+ youth in foster care have the cost of participation covered through scholarships. 

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