Every year, Twin Cities Pride works hard to ensure that the Loring Park festival grounds and Pride Parade route are accessible to people of all needs and abilities. We’ll update this list as more information becomes available.


Designated benches are ADA shuttle pickup and drop off locations.  

Text the number on the bench with the location number printed on the sign to request a pickup. 

Shuttles ONLY pick up and drop off from these designated benches and will not provide transportation elsewhere. 

ADA bathrooms are located along porta-potty banks and in the beer garden. There is also an ADA bathroom at the Autism tent and Time of Birth. ADA bathrooms are located near the accessible seating area at the LGBTQ+ Pride March. 

Handicap parking is only valid in MARKED spaces, elsewhere you are subject to a ticket and/or tow. 

We have worked with the city of Minneapolis to provide as many Handicap parking spaces near Loring Park as Possible. Please observe handicap signage and ensure you are parked in proper handicap signed spaces. For an interactive map, please click here. 

Handicap spaces around Loring Park are centered in two locations. The first is the entire block of Maple Street directly off Hennepin Avenue. Handicap spaces on this road are marked by a blue handicap hood over standard City of Minneapolis parking meters. 

The second location for handicap parking is located on West 15th Street near the intersection of Willow Street and West 15th Street. 

For additional handicap parking we would suggest using dedicated handicap spaces within the MCTC Ramp, as the ramp is a short distance from our handicap parking on Maple Street. 

Chairs are available to borrow at no cost at the Pride Operations. There is limited availability. 

At first aid near the Grant and Willow Street entrance on the east side of the park. We have power available, however you will need to provide a charger for your chair. 

ASL & Interpreter Coordinator Booth:  

Located at the Minnesota Deaf Queers booths 506 & 507 in the orange zone. If you are deaf or hard of hearing and need assistance the wonderful humans at this booth will be able to assist you!  

Interpreters for Stage Performances:  

ASL interpreters will be posted for performances on the Loring Stage and the Stonewall stage. All other stages/performances can have interpretation arranged for our Deaf, DeafBlind, or Hard of Hearing guests by sending a request to [email protected]. Interpreter check-in is located at Minnesota Deaf Queer booth. 

Escape Space (Sensory Tent):  

There is an escape space near the garden in the Light Blue Zone. This tent is designed to give anyone sensory relief and its contents are provided by Autism Minnesota. There is also a calming yard set up outside of the tent. 

Family Fun Day: A social narrative is available here. 

The Time of Birth booth has child and adult changing table and an area for chest feeding and expressing milk and an ADA restroom. It is located near the Escape Space in the light blue zone. 

First aid booths can be found near the entrance at Grant and Willow Street and near the food court in the purple zone. 

For more information, or to leave feedback for Pride on how to improve its accessibility efforts, email [email protected].

This activity is funded, in part, by an appropriation from the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the State’s general fund.

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