blue banner with an image of the shape of the state of Minnesota filled with graphics of flowers that are in the colors of the progress flag. with the text "Twin Cities Pride You Belong Campaign

The You Belong Campaign was born as a response to the increasing harmful anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and the passing of the Minnesota Trans Refuge Bill. Through this campaign we use the funds raised to collect critical data needed to secure further funding for the LGBTQIA+ organizations working to assist those coming to Minnesota from unsafe states and countries. We also provide resources and events that aim to connect newcomers with community. 

Pink background with the text "MN Trans & Intersex Resource Network"

Twin Cities Pride is a proud member of the MN Trans & Intersex Resource Network. This group is a collaboration between local LGBTQIA+ organizations and individuals with the goal of assisting Trans and Intersex individuals and families coming to Minnesota.

If you have recently moved to Minnesota or are considering moving here, please take 2 minutes to fill out our confidential survey. You can also sign-up here to be on our email list!

The “You Belong” artwork is a partnership between Twin Cities Pride and Trans Painter, Rae Senarighi. Rae is a champion of storytelling through art, as a fine artist, designer and muralist, an activist, cancer survivor and pursuing accurate and celebratory representation of the trans community. Rae currently resides in Madison, WI, but he makes a lasting impact throughout the world. His art can be seen internationally and is featured in a wide range of outlets from Art Voices magazine to DNA India.

The Rainbow Circle is the new community programming division of Twin Cities Pride. Our goal is to partner with local LGBTQ+ people and organizations to provide funding for programming, a place for community to gather, and year-round education and community service programs. The Rainbow Circle wouldn’t be possible without our generous Rainbow Circle Members. 

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We have added the ability for Community members to submit new events to our Events Calendar!

You can find the link to submit your event under the “EVENTS” tab on our main website menu, click here.