2024 Festival Vendor FAQ


However, you can submit an application and be added to our waitlist in case any additional spaces open up due to cancellations.  


2024 Festival Dates:
June 29 from 10 am – 7 pm
June 30 from 10 am – 6 pm

Meetings for approved Vendors (descriptions below):

First Time Vendor – “What I Wish I Knew” Virtual Meeting for first-time vendors at Pride

Come hear how our returning vendors (from 2 to over 20 times at Pride) answered these 4 questions:

  • Looking back on your first time at Pride – What do you wish you would have known?
  • What Suggestions (tips and tricks) would you share with a first-time vendor at TC Pride?
  • What would you recommend a first-time vendor NOT DO?
  • What would you recommend a first-time vendor ACTUALLY DO or PLAN FOR?

Festival Vendor Load-in Information Sessions

We will be covering all the details you will need to know on how to:

  • Pick up your Packet on June 11-15 (will contain Entry Pass)
  • Festival Times and what to expect during the festival
  • Safety Briefing
  • Info on Street Closures and how to get into the park for setup 
  • Setup information for June 28th
  • Info for Sunday end of festival, getting into park for Load-out


Vendor (Booth & Food) & Sponsor Packet Pickup:

June 11 – 14 from 9:30 AM – 7:30 PM
June 15 from 8 AM – 1 PM

Packet pickup will be at the TCPride Office at 1618 Harmon Pl, Minneapolis, MN 55403

ANYONE WITH A BOOTH in the Festival well need to “pick up a packet” IN PERSON and complete the Initial check-in on June 11-15th.

The packet will contain your Entry Pass for June 28th setup. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY you will be able to get into the park for setup. We will also confirm your Booth Placements, Review Load In procedures, and answer any final questions you have for the festival.

Load-in/Out Maps   (Click on PDF links below)

Route 1 – Entry and Queue   |   Park Load-in/Out

Route 2 – Entry and Queue  |  Park Load-in/Out

Route 3A – Entry and Queue  |  Park Load-in/Out

Route 3B – Entry and Queue   |  Park Load-in/Out

Route 4 – Entry and Queue


Information below this point is from earlier in the year for the application process.


Vendor Information Sessions:

January 7, 2024  1 pm    Meeting Recording Here
January 10, 2024 4 pm   Meeting Recording Here

Vendor Info Session Slide Deck  2024 TCPride Festival – Vendor Info Session

We plan to hold a first time vendor call sometime in April 2024, but here are links to the 2023 First Time Vendor “What I Wish I Knew” virtual meetings:

May 11, 2023    Meeting Recording Here
May 14, 2023    Meeting Recording Here

We are recommending all vendors (food and booths) attend one of the Vendor Registration Information Meetings prior to registration (or watch a recording of it) to learn about the many changes taking place this year as part of the registration process and at the Festival on June 29-30, 2024. 

2024 Vendor Registration will launch on January 15, 2024.

The application process will be Juried this year with the ability to request your booth space preferences. Last year we sold out of booth spaces on March 9th, and we expect to sell out again this year with less booth spaces available.  Registration is on a first come / first served basis. 


General Questions 

  • Q) What are the dates and locations for the 2024 Twin Cities Pride Festival?
    A) Dates are June 29-30, 2024
  • Q) When can vendors apply for Pride?
    A) Registration will open January 15th, at 8 AM – In 2023, we sold out of booth space by March 9th we have less booth spaces this year.
  • Q) As January 15th is a federal holiday, do we anticipate booths to still be available after that day for government workers who cannot apply on holidays?
    A) There will still be plenty of spaces available the following day to apply.
  • Q) What is the application process and how long should vendors wait before following up on the application status?
    A) The process for applying is as follows:
    • Submitting an application will require a $50 non-refundable application fee 
    • TCPride has a Jury process and final decision will occur no later than 2 weeks after your application has been submitted. 
    • You can contact [email protected] 2 weeks after submission of your application if you have not received notification or have questions. 
    • It is possible that applications will be approved within a day or two so please be prepared for the remaining funds to be available for full payment of fees when the application is approved.
  • Q) Will Wi-Fi be available in the park?
    A) Booths in certain areas of the park may be able to access a special network we are setting up and supporting for the food court POS systems. The application will ask about your interest in paying for a supported system as cell and hot spots become extremely overloaded and are not reliable when 200,000+ people are in the park. Details and order information will be available closer to the time of the festival.
  • Q) Will Loring Park be resurfacing walkways at any point to make them more accessible?
    A) Not that we are aware of; any plans from MPLS Parks & Rec. Concerns should be addressed to the MPLS Parks and Rec. Board
  • Q) Why are images of my booth space required?
    A) Multiple Images are required 1) to provide us a means of confirming vendors setup fit within the available space, 2) allow us to verify vendors during the jury process and 3) Public photos are made available to attendees when viewing the Eventeny map and vendor listing when they look at your online vendor profile.
  • Q) What formats are acceptable for submitting required images and paperwork on the applications?
    A) PDF, Word Doc, Excel, jpeg or png for images
  • Q) Will the fenced youth area have restrictions on entry?
    A) Media will not be allowed in this area. All other people are allowed in and out at will. This area will have youth specific programming and activities.
  • Q: How can I promote being a vendor at Pride?
    A: We provide both Generic or Customizable Social Media templates.  If vendors want to email logos or photos of them to put in the templates we can create custom, branded promotional banners.  Email [email protected] with logos/photos and how you’re involved in festival weekend so we can get the right template for you.

    Generic Template:  Food Vendor  |  Booth Vendor 

Booth Location Questions 

  • Q) If approved, what do I get as part of my booth registration?
    Can tents be rented? Will tables and chairs be available on request?
    A) Booth registration includes the following: 
    • Online Marketplace 
    • Listing in Lavender Magazine Pride Section in June 15 Issue. (If approved by April 15th) 
    • A 10×10′ space (tent NOT included) 
    • One 8′ table. (NO CHAIRS ARE PROVIDED) 
    • You are responsible for providing your own tent and chairs. You may rent them from Après Party & Tent Rental. They will set up and take the tent down for you.Click here to contact them by email or by phone at 952-942-3399. A LIMITED number of 10×10 pop up tents are available for rental from TC Pride for $300 with a $200 charge for damage / or if not returned. 
  • Q) What is the booth or space size?
    A) Your Booth or Food vendor fee provides the following space:
    • Booth vendors are 10×10′ 
    • Food vendors are usually a Truck, Trailer or Booth size 10×10′ and we ask what size your setup is in the application – this is why we don’t let Food Vendors pick a booth spot – You are approved for a space in the food court and we will fit you into a space at a later time based on a space efficient layout. 
  • Q) Is there a limit to the number or configuration of booths I can have?
    A) All vendors are limited to a maximum of 2 booth locations. At a location you may have multiple booths (different sizes of booths), e. 1-10×10’ or 2-10×10’. Please be specific if your need is for 2 booths side by side or front to back. We have limited availability in the park to accommodate larger booth sized so please ask if you are interested in exploring other options.
  • Q) Are two adjacent booth spaces considered two locations?
    A) No, two adjacent booths are 1 location, however booth spaces are sold in units of a 10×10’ space. So, this would be 1 location and paying for 2 booths. Two non-adjacent booths would be considered 2 locations if they are in the same section or in different sections.
  • Q) Can vendors share a booth?
    A) Yes. When registering please indicate that 2 vendors will be in this space so that we can list you both separately. Also indicate contact information for both and specify who is taking the primary responsibility for forms and financially.
  • Q) How can vendors request that their booth be located beside another organization’s as well as preferred location?
    A) It is important that both organizations apply at the same time – we cannot hold space for someone who has not applied. Place the request on the application and we will review the placement of both organizations together. If the other organization hasn’t applied another option is for you to pay for both spaces to reserve them together and we can allocate the other booth space to the other organization when they apply. Please contact us if you choose to do this and make sure it is noted on the application form.
  • Q) What should vendors submit if they do not have a photo of their booth?
    A) A diagram or photo of it is acceptable. You can upload images, a pdf or word document.
  • Q) Can vendors request a booth space outside of the Color Section or Zone associated with other similar organizations?
    A) Yes, keep in mind that attendees may be looking in a particular area for similar organizations.
  • Q) What are the different Color Sections & Zones? Is there a list of what each area focuses on?
    • Route – this is primarily used for load in and load out of vendors and is the path you take into the park to get to your booth space. 
    • Section – the different color sections are simply a way to break the park down into specific areas and do provide a way of grouping similar businesses or interests. 
    • Zone – the zones have a very specific focus, a micro view if you will, that lets people know what the area is all about. Often these will have specific sponsors and/or programing associated with them. 



Section Color Section Description
Pink Artisans, Art Organizations, Food Court & Trucks
Purple Religious & Political Organizations, Stonewall Stage, Food Court & Trucks, Beer Garden, Bike Check, ADA Platform, First Aid
Blue Community Organizations, Businesses, Community Tent, Our Space, P2P Stage, Pride Merchandise, Food Court & Trucks
Green Businesses, Pride Organizations, Pride Sports Fields & Organizations, Sober Pride, Volunteer Check-in, Vendor Central, First Aid, HIV Testing, History Pavilion, NSGRA Dance Tent
Light Blue Escape Space, Family Services & Rainbow Wardrobe, Universal Changing Place & Remembrance Garden
Yellow Youth Pride Hide Away, Rainbow Wardrobe – Gender Affirming Clothes, Businesses, Schools, Rainbow Stage, Pride Merchandise, Food Court & Trucks
Orange Pet Zone, Dog Park, Living Well Park, Beer Garden, Loring Stage, Quorum Village, ASL, Schools, Art Installation, Artist Alley
Red Home Improvement Zone, Adult Zone, Businesses
Lime Green THC Garden

Note: The color sections vendor grouping will shift as we allow vendors to pick spaces in areas that make more sense for why they attend Pride. We are trying to accommodate flexibility for vendors to be in a location that makes sense for you, while also helping people attending the festival know where to find the things they are interested in.

Food & Beverage Questions 

  • Q) Will food or booth vendors be allowed to sell water,
    A) No sales of water, soda or alcohol from any vendors are allowed. Certain specialty drinks (lemonade and juices) will be permitted for food vendors who make the request and are approved in the application process.
  • Q) What is the POS system that will be provided to food vendors?
    A) Clover system will be provided along with cash drawer and card reader(s). Wi-Fi and assistance with setting up POS system will also be available.
  • Q) Can food vendors request multiple card readers for the POS system?
    A) Yes, you’ll be able to request this on the application.
  • Q) Where is power provided for food vendors?
    A) Power Rental is Required (and provided 24/7) in:
    • Stonewall (Purple Section with beer garden) | 15 Vendors 
    • Harmon (Pink Section – along Harmon Drive) | 3+ Vendors
    • P2P (Blue Section lakeside and hillside) | 13+ Vendors
    • Loring (Yellow Section near beer garden) | 12 Vendors

Pricing & Payment Questions 

  • Q) What are the fees for being a vendor
    A) The fee structure is based on the type of business or vendor you are and for booth vendors your annual revenue
    • Food Vendor – All Locations $2500, plus 20% of gross revenue and any additional fees for rental or additional services required 
    • Booth Vendors – Fee Structure listed below and any additional fees for rentals or additional services.  Any vendor selling merchandise is also charged a pass-through fee from Minneapolis Parks and Rec of $150. 


All Businesses/Organizations (based on total gross annual revenue)                          

Business Level 0     Under $150,000                                          $350 

Business Level 1     $150,000 – $500,000                                  $625 

Business Level 2    $500,000 – $1,000,000                             $1125 

Business Level 3    $1,000,000 – $5,000,000                          $1875 

Business Level 4    $5,000,000 -$15,000,000                         $2500 

Business Level 5   $15,000,000 +                                               $3750               

Non-Profits / Government Agency                           

Nonprofit Level 1    Under $100,000                                       $190 

Nonprofit Level 2    $100,000 – $1,000,000                           $625 

Nonprofit Level 3    $1,000,000 – $5,000,000                        $1125 

Nonprofit Level 4    $5,000,000 +:                                            $1875 

  • Q) Why do we have tiered pricing?
    A) Booth fees and sponsorships are the 2 main sources for paying for the festival.  Tiered pricing allows an equitable way to ensure that small community groups and vendors are able to afford and be represented in the festival and not just larger well funded businesses and organizations. 
  • Q) Our organization is LGBTQ or BIPOC focused, and we can’t afford those fees
    A) Please reach out to [email protected] if you have a limited budget that would exclude you from the event. We have limited scholarships for small non-profit organizations and will work with you to determine the need and find a solution.
  • Q) What is the application process and refund policy?
    A) The process for applying is as follows:
    • Submitting an application will require a $50 non-refundable application fee and a Completed ST-19 Tax Form.
    • If approved all remaining fees based on your application selections are due at the time of approval and will be charged based on the ACH or credit card information you provided during the application process. Mailed-in checks will not be accepted and will be returned to you.
    • After being approved and charged you have 2 weeks to submit a Proof of Liability Insurance (COI), or your approved status will be cancelled and no refund provided.
    • After being approved you also have 2 weeks to cancel and a full refund of all the remaining fees less any payment processing fees will be refunded
  • Q) How is revenue level determined for government agencies?
    A) We are working on guidance for this now.
  • Q) Will purchase orders for government agencies be accepted as a form of payment?
    A) To streamline the process, we are moving to Credit Card or ACH Payment for all Application and Fees, if however, an organization like a government agency needs another form of payment please email [email protected] or [email protected]
  • Q) What is the selling surcharge for?
    A) This fee is a pass-through fee that is paid to the MPLS Parks and Recreation Board

Power/Electrical Questions 

  • Q) Are portable generators allowed?
    A) No Portable Generators will be allowed in the park. Portable Generators will only be used by TCPride for Operations & Sponsors when tapping into larger electrical systems are not available.
  • Q) How can vendors get power if no generators can be used?
    A) The Food Courts in Blue, Purple, Pink and Yellow are powered, there are some booth spaces near these areas that may be able to have Power Rental. We also provide different levels of battery power packs for rental that could be exchanged for recharged units at vendor central during the festival.
    • Level 1 Battery Power Pack Rental – $210 rental fee (per location)

      • Laptop 10 Hrs, USB Fan(5w) 30 Hrs, Phone 16 Charges
      • Equipped with AC Outlet, DC Carport, USB-A and USB-C charging ports.

      Level 2 Battery Power Pack Rental – $420 rental fee (per location)

      • TV (60w) 4.5 Hrs, Laptop 4 Charges, Fan (20w) 15 Hrs, Mini Cooler (60w) 5 Hrs, Phone 30 Charges
      • Equipped with AC Outlet, DC Carport, USB-A and USB-C charging ports.
      Level 3 Electrical Power via Generator – $650 service fee (per location)
      • We have limited Booths near the Food Courts (Stonewall – Purple, P2P – Blue, and Loring – Yellow) where Electric service can be provided. Please pick a booth near these locations if this level of power is required.
      •  The service fee will provide you with either standard plug-in receptacles or a 50-amp trailer connection per location, and you will need to bring your own connector. Provide a photo of your 50-amp connector plug.


  • Q) What food court areas will be powered, and which require power rental?
    A) Power Rental is Required (and provided 24/7) in all food court spaces:
    • Stonewall (Purple Section with beer garden) | 15 Vendors
    • P2P (Blue Section lakeside and hillside) | 13 Vendors
    • Loring (Yellow Section near beer garden – Relocated in 2023) | 12 Vendors 
    • Harmon (Pink Section – along Harmon Drive) | 3+ vendors 

Insurance Questions 

  • Q) What is required for Insurance?
    A) ALL Vendors are REQUIRED to obtain Liability Insurance for TC Pride.

As we continue to increase the accessibility, safety, and security of attendees, vendors, and staff, we must ensure every vendor has submitted a current Certificate of Liability insurance. Your coverage must be in the amount of $1,000,000 (minimum) or more. Twin Cities Pride must be named as additional insured on the policy of the proof of insurance (Certificate of Liability Insurance).  

Addresses for your providers:  

      • Twin Cities Pride, 1618 Harmon Place, Minneapolis, MN 55403. 

Required insurance may be obtained from your normal insurance provider or Pam Petersen at [email protected]  

  • Q) How can vendors address issues with insurance companies not getting a COI within the two-week window? 
    A) Required insurance may be obtained from your normal insurance provider or by contacting Pam Petersen at [email protected]. Pam is offering TC Pride Vendors a Liability Policy at a nominal cost ($1MM policy for five days) and will ensure you have this back within a few days. 


  • Q) What will be listed in Lavender Magazine?
    A) Your listing in Lavenders Magazine Pride Section

Twin Cities Pride is collaborating with Lavender Magazine to create a special 2024 Twin Cities Pride section in Lavender’s June 15, 2024 issue. All Twin Cities Pride booth vendors, registered and approved before April 20th, will receive a complimentary listing in this issue. These listings will feature the name of the organization and business vendors and will be categorized alphabetically by color-coded location within the park. 

Towards the end of this application, you will also have the opportunity to express your interest in purchasing an ad in Lavender’s May 31, 2024 and/or June 15, 2024 Pride issues. A portion of these ad sales will benefit Twin Cities Pride. Note: The color sections macro grouping will shift as we let vendors pick spaces in areas that make more sense for why they attend Pride. We are trying to accommodate flexibility for vendors to be in a location that makes sense for you, while also helping people attending the festival know where to find the things they are interested in.

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